Polyurethane, Epoxy or Silicone: Dosing and Mixing systems for the production and application of single and multi-component synthetic resins

The TARTLER name has stood for innovative engineering in synthetic resin dosing and mixing technology for over 35 years.Whether it’s wind power, automotive, aerospace, marine or electrical industries - wherever single or multi-component synthetic resins are processed, TARTLER low-pressure systems are in use. Our intelligent modular design, continuous improvement and close cooperation with material manufacturers ensure that we provide every customer a high quality, cutting edge technology solution. Our special services include the development of bespoke systems for extreme viscosities or mix ratio, along with the design and installation of complete production systems with varying application technology such as robotic or other automated handling systems, winding devices, vacuum systems and many more.

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Since 1982 company TARTLER is successfully active on the international market with their two and multi component metering and mixing machines based on the ecologically friendly processing of expoxy resins, polyurethane casting compounds, silicone and other liquid synthetic resins.

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Completely without air bubbles in material –
two Component Meter Mix and Dispense Machine for pasty components

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