About Us

Competence and Expertise

TARTLER GmbH is a special purpose machine manufacturer specialized in the design and manufacture of customized low-pressure machines in the field of dosing and mixing technology. We are your reliable partner for the processing of polyurethane, epoxy resin and silicone. In addition to the manufacture of our classic dosing and mixing systems, we have repeatedly demonstrated our expertise in challenging process conditions with large viscosity differences and extreme mixing ratios.

In order to maintain our quality standards, we work closely with our sister companies within the TARTLER GROUP ETP Walther GmbH (programming, switch cabinet construction), ZT Odenwald GmbH (turning and milling technology) and SOMATA GmbH (projects outside the field of dosing and mixing technology). Our in-house research, development and demonstration center – R.D.D. for short combines innovation and validation to develop new products and improve existing processes.

We produce mixing heads and some consumable parts in-house, which are optimally matched to our dosing and mixing systems, such as our patented disposable plastic rotary mixers, which are available in various designs for every material.

The majority of our customers come from the following sectors:









Individual Machine Solutions

Each individual machine is designed from our standard modules as a special solution for the application requirements of a customer. Once it has been clarified which machine series is suitable for the application, the machine can be expanded and individualized with the available modules.

In close cooperation with the material manufacturers, developments and research assignments for dosing and mixing systems are produced and put into practice in accordance with the respective processing objectives and customer requirements.

R.D.D. Center

TARTLER’s research, development and demonstration center

Research and development are a key pillar of TARTLER GmbH. In the R.D.D. Center, ideas are developed and tested until they are ready for series production.

Particularly noteworthy products that have been developed by TARTLER:

  • The dynamic static mixer, which makes the use of environmentally harmful rinsing agents superfluous
  • The self-cutting mixer connection, which allows automation and maximizes work safety
  • The vacuum drum, which guarantees filling without any air inclusions
  • The cartridge mixer, which as an attachment enables dynamic mixing for many common cartridge systems
  • The degassing station, with which harmful air can be evacuated from liquid components

We develop our mixing heads ourselves

…this offers decisive advantages

  • No dead spaces
  • Compact implementation
  • Universally applicable
  • Constant evolution
  • Optimal interaction with our mixing systems

Customer care – a machine life long

For more than 35 years we have been developing, designing and manufacturing high-quality products to customer specifications. The individual requirements are always in the foreground. Special solutions are implemented on schedule in close cooperation with our customers.

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