Optimum for small to medium resin quantities

The MDM plus Dosing and Mixing System by TARTLER Paves the Way to Machine Mixing Technology

In its MDM series, TARTLER offers compact 2K resin processing stations for precise dosing, mixing, and application of small quantities of liquid polyurethanes, epoxies, and silicones. They are used for casting, spraying, foaming, as well as for bonding, coating, and laminating. The flagship model of this series is the MDM plus. It bridges the technological gap to the company‘s large Nodopur systems and is the ideal entry point for all users who want to switch from uncontrolled manual mixing to the quality level of automated mixing technology.

With the MDM plus offers TARTLER offers processors of small and medium-sized synthetic resin quantities a compact system solution that already has numerous functions of the large dosing, mixing and application systems in the Nodopur series.

With the MDM plus, TARTLER offers a modern and compact system solution for dosing, mixing, and applying small to medium resin quantities to all resin processors. At the same time, this system proves to be an attractive entry-level solution for those users who have higher quality requirements for mixing than can be achieved with manual mixing or systems without flow control. Specifically, this means that MDM plus provides all the options you need if want to produce containers or tubes using filament winding or take advantage of pultrusion, resin transfer molding (RTM) or vacuum infusion on a small scale. „With numerous modular expansions such as flow control of the mixing ratio and output, this compact system allows even demanding processes and applications in resin processing to be realized cost-effectively,“ says company CEO Udo Tartler.

In terms of performance and technical equipment, the MDM plus matches the large systems of the well-known Nodopur series of the German company. In contrast to the smaller table and frame devices in the series, it distinguishes itself with its higher output of up to 6.5 kg/min and the assignment of a separate drive for each material component (resin, hardener). It also features a 7-inch touch panel and can be optionally upgraded with integrated flow control. At the same time, it offers the advantage of an extremely space-saving design, and its purchase price is significantly lower than that of a Nodopur system. Udo Tartler sums it up: “The MDM plus is the optimum solution for resin processors who need to process small to medium quantities under confined space conditions and do not want to forgo the advantages of modern process technology.”

The MDM plus from TARTLER is equipped with the LC5/3 mixing head. It can be equipped with rotating plastic disposable mixers. This eliminates the need to use liquid detergent.

Typical for the MDM plus is its mobile basic structure with a drip tray – another feature that was previously found only in larger systems in the TARTLER portfolio. Regarding the process tank loading, the operator has the option of choosing containers with a capacity ranging from 3.0 to 60 liters. It is also worth mentioning that the MDM plus has a level indicator for both components and is equipped with the LC5/3 mixing head. LC5/3 mixing head. Udo Tartler explains, “This mixing head developed by us can be equipped with rotating disposable plastic mixers, eliminating the need to use liquid detergents.”

Small Recirculations Possible

The range of functions of the compact dosing, mixing and application station also includes the option of choosing between electric and pneumatic agitators for the components and using a silica gel filter for the B component. Another significant advantage is that the user can perform small recirculations of the components with the MDM plus. “In this process stage, unmixed material is moved from the containers back into the container by the pumps and – if available – through the volume flow meter during dosing breaks. In this way, the required temperature can be maintained and adjustments can be made to the station without any loss of material. It also prevents fillers from settling in the dosing hose during material downtime,” explains Udo Tartler.

“The MDM plus is the optimum for synthetic resin processors who have to process small to medium quantities in confined spaces and do not want to miss out on the advantages of modern process technology.”

Udo Tartler, CEO

Five Solutions for Small Quantities

The MDM plus from TARTLER bridges the gap from the portable small-quantity systems to the company‘s large Nodopur systems (pictured), which dose and mix up to 50 liters of synthetic resin per minute.

In total, resin processors can currently choose from five small quantity systems at TARTLER. The entry-level model MDM 3 already offers electrically driven metering pumps, container ports for connecting original containers, and a material output of up to 0.7 l/min with a mixing ratio of 100:100. It is essential to note that the actual output depends on viscosities, mixing ratios, and hose lengths. The MDM 4 allows the leap into mechanical dosing and mixing technology, the output volume of which can be adjusted from 0.5 to 0.8 l/min using various pump configurations and depending on the mixing ratio and viscosity of the components. Dosing ratios of 100:10 to 10:100 can be achieved here and the LC 0/2 uses a mixing head whose disposable mixer is rotated by a frequency-controlled electric drive. When it comes to containers, you can choose between containers with a volume of 0.5 to 100 l.

TARTLER recommends the MDM 5 to synthetic resin processors who require variable output rates of 0.05 to 1.5 l/min and more functionality. This system can be used stationary or mobile and offers the option of pouring, spraying or foaming liquid PU and epoxy resins. It can be equipped with various mixing heads from the company and equipped with different containers, agitators and heaters for containers, hoses and mixing heads. The Siemens control offers, among other things, a pot life alarm and shot time preselection. The MDM 6 from TARTLER, which is designed for outputs of up to 3.5 l/min, can also be used for pouring, spraying and foaming. Their control allows even large recirculation of the components to be carried out. The material also flows through the mixing head and machine and is ready for firing in seconds. This station can be operated with containers with volumes from 3.0 l to 100 l.

Thanks to TARTLER‘s modularity program, each MDM system can be customized by selecting various components, such as chassis, refill kits, as well as heating and degassing systems, to meet specific customer requirements. “We also support our customers every step of the way to the next level of mechanical and automated synthetic resin processing,” says Udo Tartler.

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