With this degassing unit (stand-alone), TARTLER shows you the solution for material-optimized and waste-free production!

The following materials can be filled with the TAVA 200 F:

  • 1K adhesives
  • high viscosity silicones
  • oils
  • greases
  • sealants
  • all similar materials filled in 200 l drums and processed with drum follower plate equipment


Zero waste production is possible!

Information for customers in the wind industry

Olav Davis: ” By using a TAVA 200 F, a synthetic resin user takes a significant step forward in realizing sustainability goals on the way to zero waste production.”

ZERO WASTE in Blade Production

TARTLER’S pioneering degassing technology supports zero waste goals

Today sustainability is a key requirement for any modern business. Especially in the renewable sector like wind, to be sustainable and expectation by society. Therefore, it is not surprising the largest well known windenergy producers have announced their ambitious zero waste production targets to the public.

Focusing on the composite windblade production, then TARTLER can offer reliable and production ready solutions to the industry to reduce waste in their daily production.

With our TAVA 200F system we can remove significant amount of wasted Epoxy bondpaste material used to bond two blade shells together to form a whole blade.

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Workflow for maximum material recovery

Filling and transferring high- and low-viscosity synthetic resin components

TAVA F – Filling, degassing and processing material

The vacuum filling station TAVA F is the trend-setting solution for cost-optimized and waste-free filling of flowable and pasty components of synthetic resin processing. For all companies that work with metering and mixing systems and want to increase the quality of their synthetic resin applications, this degassing station clears the way for cost reduction and waste avoidance: As a resource-saving material preparation by degassing and eliminating air inclusions in the delivery container or as a preparation of unmixed residual quantities from ongoing production.

TARTLER made it possible: Already built units

TAVA 200 F

Vacuum filling station

  1. Filling of liquid or pasty plastics without any air inclusions
  2. Improvement of the storage stability
  3. Maximum work safety
  4. Guaranteed process reliability for subsequent applications
Nodopox 200 VS 1K TAVA 200 F
TAVA 200 F with NODOPOX 200 VS 1K

TAVA 200 F filling station with vacuum drum for bubble-free filling in combination with NODOPOX dosing station

  1. Machine deployment: Combining/treatment of non-contaminated residual material to be used in the production process with the purpose of waste reduction and highest process safety
TAVA 200 F - flacher Deckel -> flüssig
TAVA 200 F

TAVA 200 F filling station with central material inlet for liquid components

  1. Bubble-free filling without air inclusions
  2. Removes air mixed in the production process during filling
  3. No material loss
  4. Maximum work safety (no material spraying)
TAVA 200 F - flacher Deckel -> flüssig
Degassing station with ramp

Simple drum handling via the roller conveyor / ramp of the filling station

  1. Air-free filling without air pockets
  2. Residual material can be returned to the production process by filling in the degassing station
  3. Degassed material results in improved storage stability
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Nodopox 200 VS 1K TAVA 200 F
TAVA 200 F - flacher Deckel -> flüssig
TAVA 200 F - flacher Deckel -> flüssig
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Data sheet Vacuum Drum

Download here the information about the vacuum drum and its use in TAVA F and TAVA D free of charge.

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    Get in contact and reach your zero waste goals!

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