“Implementing customer requirements quickly and efficiently”

Lukas Tartler has taken over the technical management of the special machine manufacturer SOMATA

Founded five years ago, SOMATA GmbH is a subsidiary of the medium-sized TARTLER GROUP and positions itself as an innovative special machine manufacturer in the field of fluid technology. Its current top products include a vacuum station for low-loss handling of liquid and pasty media, as well as a system solution for automated clay paste application in model making. With a goal of maintaining both the company’s existing growth course and its high development dynamics, Lukas Tartler is now taking over SOMATA’s technical management as CTO.

CTO Lukas TARTLER: “Whether material manufacturer or processor – it’s always a matter of precisely understanding the requirements and problems posed and then accurately translating them into technical solutions with added value.”
Using SOMATA’s TAVA F vacuum station, material manufacturers can fill pasty and low-viscosity media into lidded drums without air. For processors, the degassing system can also be used for reprocessing material residues. In this photo, the TAVA F (left) with a 1K NODOPOX system (right) from TARTLER.

As an extremely creative special machine builder, SOMATA GmbH has attracted attention in recent weeks primarily through two groundbreaking innovations in fluid power plant engineering. The first is the TAVA F degassing station, which enables material manufacturers and processors to fill and transfer high and low-viscosity fluids safely and without waste. Secondly, the company presented the CAMA clay machine, one of the first system solutions for automated conditioning, processing and application of plasticine (clay) and other putties commonly used in model making. In addition, SOMATA is reciprocally integrated into the TARTLER GROUP’s technology network: on the one hand, it supplies sophisticated engineering services to the Group, and on the other, it uses its production and research capacities. However, in order to give SOMATA even more freedom in the future for the further development and market launch of its own special fluid technology machinery, Lukas Tartler is now taking over the technical management of the up-and-coming company as CTO. With a master’s degree in plastics engineering (M.Sc.) and several years of experience in the project business, he possesses the best qualifications for this task.

Mit der neuen Clay-Applikationsmachine CAMA bietet SOMATA Modellbauern und Industriedesignern ein innovatives System für das Auftragen von Formenbau-Plastiline, mit dem sie ihr Clay-Styling und ihre Clay-Bepastung halb- oder sogar vollautomatisieren können.
View into TARTLER’s new R.D.D. center: Innovative ideas can be quickly transferred from the experimental stage to the realization phase here. In addition, the R.D.D. center also makes important contributions to further improving the quality of SOMATA’s system solutions.

Translating requirements accurately

Since the realization of complex customer requirements is one of the most important success factors in fluid technology special machine engineering, Lukas Tartler will be paying special attention to this aspect in his development work. “In order to realize customers’ wishes and requirements quickly and efficiently, I’m very keen to intensify – beyond the previous level – the overall cooperation with all other technical managers in the TARTLER GROUP, as well as an intensive interaction with our own research, development and demonstration center R.D.D.,” explains SOMATA’s new CTO. For the 30-year-old, close communication with customers and their design engineers also plays a key role in the successful realization of sophisticated system products and special machines. “Whether it’s a material manufacturer or a processor – it’s always a matter of precisely understanding the requirements and problems posed and then accurately translating them into technical solutions that have added value,” says Tartler. The two special systems in the SOMATA portfolio mentioned at the beginning of this article demonstrate how this added value can be achieved in concrete terms: while the TAVA F degassing station improves the filling processes of material manufacturers and optimizes the material utilization of users, the CAMA clay machine provides a boost in efficiency and quality in industrial model making.

Everything in close proximity

In any case, SOMATA’s new CTO benefits from an enormously important advantage in the practical implementation of his goals: the direct proximity to the other companies of the TARTLER GROUP. After all, apart from the recently founded foreign subsidiary TARTLER China (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., all the group’s companies are located in close proximity to each other and the TARTLER parent plant. “And since we’ve already secured further lots in the surrounding area, there’s actually nothing standing in the way of SOMATA’s further spatial and technical development in Michelstadt,” says Lukas Tartler.

Apart from its foreign subsidiary TARTLER Shanghai China Ltd., all companies of the TARTLER GROUP are located in close proximity to each other and to the TARTLER parent plant in Michelstadt.

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