The youngest subsidiary speaks Hindi

The German TARTLER GROUP continues to drive international expansion in Asia

A good year ago, the first foreign subsidiary of the TARTLER GROUP started operations in China. The German plant manufacturer is now announcing the founding of a second independent company in the Asian economic area: TARTLER India Private Ltd. Based on its existing contacts, the manufacturer of dosing, mixing and degassing systems is thus moving even closer to its customers in the plastics processing sectors of the subcontinent.

In addition to the dosing and mixing systems of the Nodopur (2nd from left) and Nodopox (right) series, TARTLER India's range also includes the vacuum-supported degassing systems T-EVAC (left) and filling stations TAVA F (2nd from right).

TARTLER has been on the road with its dosing, mixing and degassing systems in the synthetic resin processing industries of the Asian economic area for many years. However, in order to get even closer to its local customers in automotive engineering, electrical engineering, toolmaking and wind power technology, the German company launched its first foreign subsidiary in China at the end of 2020. A few days ago it heralded the next round of its international expansion: The founding of TARTLER India Private Ltd. From two locations in Surat in the western state of Gujarat and Chennai on the Bay of Bengal (Tamil Nadu), the new company will equip India’s synthetic resin processors with system solutions from TARTLER. “Based on the existing customer contacts, our Indian subsidiary will initially focus on sales, service and the configuration of our machines,” explains CEO Udo Tartler.

Spare parts storage planned

Company boss Udo Tartler: “If it makes sense, we will also build up production capacities in India. For now, however, development, production and assembly will remain in Germany alone.”

The range of system solutions offered on the Indian market extends across the entire TARTLER portfolio. In addition to the well-known dosing and mixing systems of the Nodopur and Nodopox series, it also includes the new degassing and filling stations of the T-EVAC and TAVA F series. The production and assembly of the machines delivered to India will initially take place in the TARTLER plants in Germany and China. “Our teams in Surat and Chennai take care of all customer-specific adaptation work as well as commissioning and after-sales business,” says Udo Tartler. The construction of extensive storage capacities in India is currently being planned, so that local customers can also be supplied quickly with disposable mixers, spare parts and operating materials.
With the expansion into the Asian economic area, the TARTLER GROUP is also following the global production relocations of its major customers in the automotive industry and wind power technology. However, Udo Tartler emphasizes that further market developments will be observed very closely and further steps in terms of internationalization will always be adapted to the current situation. “If it makes sense, we will also build up production capacities in India. For the time being, however, development, production and assembly will remain in Germany alone,” says the company boss.

The TARTLER India Ltd team is headed by aerospace engineer Saravana Moorthy (left). He is assisted by electrical and maintenance engineer Hitesh Patel (right).

Expertise on site

The TARTLER India Pvt. Ltd. team is managed by Saravana Moorthy (42), whose key responsibilities are business development, customer acquisition and supply tracking. He studied aerospace engineering and has 15 years of professional experience in wind power technology. He is supported by Hitesh Patel (37), who previously worked for several years as an electrical and maintenance engineer for one of the world’s leading wind turbine manufacturers. His areas of responsibility at TARTLER India are primarily sales and after-sales business.

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