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TARTLER presents a new dosing mixing head for high-precision small-quantity application

Dosiermischkopf LV 2/2 für hochpräzise Kleinstmengen-Anwendung

TARTLER’s new dosing mixing head LV 2/2 is designed for the high-precision processing of low-viscosity components and their pinpoint application in smallest quantities. It is specially designed for demanding quality applications in electro casting and adhesive technology.

With its new LV 2/2 dosing mixing head, plant manufacturer TARTLER offers yet another innovation for the high-precision and repeatable small-quantity application of multi-component resins. Particularly users in electro casting and adhesive technology who need to apply low-viscosity resins and hardeners in tiny droplets with a high degree of accuracy will find a pioneering application solution in the new LV 2/2. Shot sizes of just 1.0 grams and mixing ratios from 100:20 are possible. An integrated weighing cell monitors the shot accuracy.

At TARTLER, things never stand still. The company based in Michelstadt presents processors of synthetic resins with a new innovation for fully-automated dosing and mixing technology or vacuum-supported filling technology almost every few weeks. The latest development entered series production just a few days ago: the new dosing mixing head LV 2/2 for the high-precision processing of low-viscosity components and their pinpoint application in tiny quantities. It is specially designed for demanding quality applications in electro casting and adhesive technology. Typical areas of application are, for example, the grouting and sealing of tiny electrical/electronic construction elements or the adhesion of small magnets into the rotors of compact E-Mobility drives. The new LV 2/2 enables the mixing of resins and hardeners with viscosities ranging from 50 to 20,000 mPas as well as the pinpoint and repeatable dosing of tiny shot quantities ranging from 1.0 to 10 grams. Depending on the pump type used, the user can achieve mixing ratios from 100:5 to 100:20 with TARTLER’s LV 2/2. At the customer’s request, TARTLER can also realise other, individual mixing ratios.

Control panel for the new LV 2/2 mixing head
Dosing mixing head LV 2/2 for the application of very small quantities of material

Integrated measuring technology

The great strength of TARTLER’s new small-quantity dosing mixing head is its internal-system measuring technology, because the LV 2/2 is equipped with a built-in weighing cell to ensure the absolutely safe and precise process control. It monitors the shot accuracy during application and can – together with its control system and a respective program – automatically calibrate itself. This self-calibration saves the user a lot of time in practice. Equipped with such integrated intelligence, TARTLER’s LV 2/2 sets new standards in the field of small-quantity and pinpoint dosing of synthetic resins. The drive technology of the new LV 2/2 is equally of the highest quality, since both its pumps and mixing head operate with modern and energy-efficient servo drives. Not to forget, as it is typical for all TARTLER systems: Here, too, it is possible to use the rotating disposable plastics mixer, which enables even extreme component recipes to be mixed to mixtures of the very greatest degree of homogeneity. One commonly used plastics mixer in small-quantity processing is for example the particularly short and lean 06/04 D from TARTLER.

New benchmark for small quantities

With TARTLER’s new dosing mixing head LV 2/2, all synthetic resin processors who need to apply tiny quantities of liquid plastics and adhesives in production or in the lab will get a high-grade and intelligent precision system. In the standard version, it is designed for the processing of two components, and the special version makes the dosing, mixing and application of up to four components possible.

This product video demonstrates the precise performance of the mixing head LV 2/2 by a programmable „anti drip effect“, as well as the reproducibility of smallest shot quantities.

LV 2/2 dosing mixing head for processing synthetic resins
The new LV 2/2 dosing-mixing head for the application of minute quantities of liquid plastics and adhesives.

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