Dosing and mixing systems for the Asian market

TARTLER GROUP launches its first foreign subsidiary in Shanghai

The modular dosing, mixing and degassing systems of TARTLER GROUP are now widely used for the processing of synthetic resin in industries around the globe. Now the company is launching its first overseas branch in China. As an independent company of the Group, TARTLER China (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will initially offer a Nodopox system for adhesive production tailored to the Asian market.

The German company TARTLER has been present in Asian countries for many years, offering dosing, mixing and degassing systems for the efficient processing of modern synthetic resins. It supplies numerous regional customers with its innovative system solutions that play a key technological role in automotive engineering, electrical casting, wind power technology and many other key industries. In order to be able to serve the Asian market even more effectively in the future, TARTLER GROUP is currently setting up its own location in Shanghai. The establishment of TARTLER China (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the Group’s first foreign subsidiary, has created an organizational framework for this enterprise. CEO Udo Tartler explains: “Despite the difficult international situation, we are continuing our expansion course. In part, we can build on existing structures, as we have already had a local representative for many years in the form of our colleague Marc Tempus. He will lead the newly established, independent company in the role of CTO (Chief Technical Officer).”

The new TARTLER China (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will initially focus its activities on final assembly, sales and service for a dosing and mixing system of the successful Nodopox series. This system solution for the highly efficient production of synthetic resin-based adhesives is tailored to the requirements of the Asian market in terms of its configuration and modularity. “During the set-up phase, all important key components for this adhesive system will be supplied by our main plant in Michelstadt, while the focus of TARTLER China (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will primarily be on assembling, sales, commissioning and customer support,” reports Udo Tartler.

Operational focus of the new TARTLER China (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is the market launch of a Nodopox plant for adhesive production and processing tailored to Asian requirements.

Marc Tempus has been working for TARTLER in Asia for many years and will lead the new TARTLER (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. in the function of a CTO. Also pictured is his co-worker Ariene Lin.
The headquarters of the new TARTLER (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. is a modern office tower in the center of the eastern Chinese coastal metropolis.

Adapted to Asian requirements

TARTLER’s resin processing system, which is tailor-made for use in the Asian industry, is a complete system for the flexible metering and mixing of pasty polyurethanes, epoxies and silicones with viscosities from 60,000 mPas. It is designed for outputs from 0.1 to 20 l/min and can be configured as a 1K, 2K or multi-component solution and to accommodate 20, 50 and 200 liter lidded drums. Pot life, shot quantity and – in the case of volume flow-controlled systems – also the mixing ratio and other parameters can be set via the control system (Siemens PLC with touch screen). To avoid process interruptions during drum changes, TARTLER offers suitable buffer containers. They are filled automatically in refilling stations, which enables continuous dosing. For further process optimization, the systems can be additionally equipped with various patented vacuum functions.

Various modules and options

The special Asian version of the system is called Nodopox wind and can be adapted to different requirements and environments with a range of optional modules. Among other things, it can be set up as a four-barrel solution with two metering and two refill containers or as a two-barrel solution with only two metering containers and prepared storage space for two material barrels. Refill options are also available: Vacuum assisted drum change for one or both components (resin, hardener), various electric or pneumatic dispensers and connections as well as various couplings for drag and conveyor systems. In case there is no sufficient compressed air supply available on site, TARTLER also integrates a compressor.

“The market launch of Nodopox wind at our new location is the first step we are taking as part of the company’s foundation. Our goal is to successively increase the delivery capability of our entire machine and service portfolio in Asia and India via TARTLER China (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. so that both are available for our customers’ production sites there,” says CEO Udo Tartler.

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