Reinhausen Power Composites GmbH tests foam plant in Michelstadt

For a new research project on foam filling of composite hollow insulators for use as support insulators in high-voltage systems, Reinhausen Power Composites GmbH tested our NODOPUR 200 VS AR 2K liquid media system at TARTLER’s test center together with the material manufacturer.

Also, in the future, prototypes of insulators for design test qualification and the first production of small series are supposed to start manufacturing. The size of the isolators ranges from ID Ø100 mm, length 1 meter, up to about ID Ø1000 m, length 12 meters, i.e. a volume ranging from 8 dm³ up to 9425 dm³.

Two 2-component PU foams were investigated which are produced and cast by mixing with a controlled nitrogen or air charge. Particular attention was paid to properties such as adhesion, resistance and conductivity, and the test parts were examined accordingly in the laboratory.

“We thank the company TARTLER for the good cooperation and the smooth process!”
S. Frank, Project Purchasing / Strategic Purchasing Vacuum Interrupters, Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH

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