Material producer Hexion tests new Adhesive Resin

As in the past, in August we once again carried out material trials in our company together with a material producer.

Hexion has a newly developed epoxy resin for bonding of wind turbine blades on our dosing and mixing system NODOPOX 200 VS 2K.
The test was performed to control the machine’s suitability. For the material[nbsp]producer as well as for us as a machine manufacturer, it is important
to test the process aspects of new products on the machine in order to gain insight into whether modifications might be necessary in the event of a[nbsp]
potential market introduction. The test validated that our system achieved an excellent mixing and dosing quality with the new material.

The new resin has an improved sagging resistance that prevents the material from slipping down on inclined surfaces, for example while bonding the
two halves of a rotor blade together.

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