Filament Winding

Dosing and mixing systems for filament winding

Whether carbon fiber or glass fiber – the production of composite and lightweight components made of fiber-reinforced plastics (GFRP/ CFRP) has become indispensable in many industries. Filament winding in particular has established itself as an important joining and connecting process, in which continuous filaments (rovings) are impregnated with a matrix material (synthetic resins) and then wound in a predetermined pattern onto a rotating mold core. Reliable dosing and mixing of liquid resins and hardeners play a crucial role in this process, as it enables the homogeneous impregnation of fiber mats and the production of molded parts with flawless structures and surface finish – especially pipes and other rotationally symmetrical components.

TARTLER offers you a selection of cutting-edge 1K and 2K dosing, mixing and application systems of various performance classes that are tailor-made for the economical and efficient processing of low-viscosity epoxy resins and polyurethanes for filament winding applications. Manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive and vehicle construction, aeronautical and wind energy industries as well as shipbuilding, modelmaking and fluid processing industries rely on our plants and systems for filament winding. TARTLER’s dosing and mixing systems are regarded worldwide as a guarantee for quality and process reliability

Safe and efficent processing of liquid synthetic resins

Depending on the series, equipment and degree of automation, our dosing and mixing systems can be used as compact stand-alone solutions in fiber winding technology or integrated into existing production processes.

Casting machines from the NODOPUR series are available to you.


  • modular dosing system for fluid components
  • Output ranges can be specified within 0.1 to 100 l/min
  • Intuitive SPS control via touch screen

Overview of our dosing and mixing systems

Our dosing and mixing systems for small or large quantities for application of free-flowing or highly viscous components made of polyurethane, epoxy or silicone.

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