Vacuum infusion

Dosing and mixing systems for vacuum infusion

Wind blades, body parts for the automotive industry, hulls for the boatbuilding industry, fuselages for the aviation industry and much more – the vacuum infusion process has established itself as a crucial molding technology for the production of thin-walled and sometimes very large composite and lightweight components made of fiber-reinforced plastics (GRP/ CFRP). The reliable dosing and mixing of liquid resins and hardeners are basic prerequisites for the smooth filling of vacuum molds, the homogeneous impregnation of shaped fiber mats and the production of molded parts with flawless structures and surface finish.

TARTLER offers you a range of innovative 1K and 2K dosing, mixing and application systems of various performance classes, especially designed for economical and efficient processing of low-viscosity epoxy resins and polyurethanes in vacuum infusion processes. Manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive and vehicle construction industries, aeronautical and wind energy industries, as well as in shipbuilding, modelmaking and housing construction rely on our plants and systems for their vacuum infusion processes. TARTLER’s dosing and mixing systems are regarded worldwide as a guarantee for quality and process reliability.

New infusion process: the direct infusion process from TARTLER

As things stand, our new system solution is an innovative alternative to the previously used – and often suboptimal – variants of vacuum infusion. It is a pressure-controlled direct infusion in which all pressure fluctuations caused by operation are automatically compensated. This applies to all system-typical influences – even those resulting from the different pressure resistances of different hose lengths or the height differences of a mold. This results in rapid, reliable and material-optimized resin delivery to the mold inlet and ensures that the full vacuum value is always present in the mold.

Thanks to the continuous permanent supply of fresh material, the system requires an average lower volume flow than a bag-based infusion system or a standard infusion system, which always rely on the rapid supply of a lot of material. And disposal-relevant residual quantities of premixed resin masses from process bags or buckets do not even occur.

Innovative vacuum technology

Find out in this press article what distinguishes direct infusion from the infusion methods commonly used to date.

Processing liquid synthetic resins safely and efficiently

Depending on the series, equipment and degree of automation, our dosing and mixing systems in vacuum infusion technology can be used as compact stand-alone systems or integrated into existing production processes.

Infusion systems from our NODOPUR series are available to you.


  • modular dosing system for fluid components
  • Output ranges can be specified within 0.1 to 100 l/min
  • Intuitive SPS control via touch screen

Overview of our dosing and mixing systems

Our dosing and mixing systems for small or large quantities for application of free-flowing or highly viscous components made of polyurethane, epoxy or silicone.

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