Jörg Schalow celebrates 20 years with TARTLER GmbH

Since May 2000, Jörg Schalow is on board the TARTLER GmbH:

“On May 5, 2000, I began my employment with the company Ing. Büro Tartler GmbH.

After almost 20 years of working in two large companies (Metzeler AG and Software AG), this was the first step into a – with 8 employees at that time – quite small company. As a result, the individual areas of responsibility were much more extensive than in a larger company. This was also the main reason for me to join the company TARTLER GmbH.

Over the years, I passed through all areas of the company. It began in the years 2000 – 2001 in the workshop, with the assembly and repair of dosing systems. From 2002 – 2006, I moved to the purchasing and sales department. My area of responsibility now consisted of the procurement of plant components, as well as the sale of machine spare parts. I enjoyed this job very much and it was very interesting. This allowed me to expand my technical knowledge enormously.  

After the change of location from Haingrund to Michelstadt in 2004, and the change of name to TARTLER GmbH, I moved to Technical Service in 2006.

During this time, I traveled to over 20 countries to perform maintenance or repair work. Furthermore, I carried out commissioning and training on the dosing systems on site at customers. In addition, I started to write the operating manuals for our machines in the newly founded documentation department. Thus, one activity always alternated with the other. When the service department was strengthened by younger personnel, I moved in 2017, after more than 10 years of service in the service department, to my new area of responsibility, facility management. As our entire infrastructure as well as the buildings were expanded over the years, completely new career fields opened up for me here as well. Today, my field of work focuses on the support and acquisition of hardware and software products, as well as the implementation and installation of updates on the PCs and laptops. Likewise, I look after our digital telephone and security system.  

The focus of my current work is on solving problems that arise in the IT area and telephony. Together with a colleague I do daily Everything that arises in technical problems in the various departments as well as the buildings.      

As a summary of the last 20 years, I can say that the implementation of projects at that time, was much easier to realize than today. There are more and more control mechanisms and bureaucracy, which slow down projects and plans.”

We thank Jörg for his commitment in all departments of TARTLER GmbH and are very pleased to know him as a loyal employee in the company.

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