Melting what is needed

New Era Materials receives 3K dosing system with newly devloped hotmelt module

TARTLER develops heating plate for partial liquefaction of hot melt adhesives, epoxy resins and polyurethane

At the end of September, an unprecedented project comes to an end: The company New Era Materials commissions the new dosing system NODOPUR VS 3K with melting unit for an epoxy resin system.

The NODOPUR metering system for flowable media was equipped with the innovative melting unit, which liquefies directly under the follower plate only as much material (here: resin) of the A-component as is actually processed or needed for refilling into the buffer tank. In this way, the remaining material in the barrel is not unnecessarily burdened, as would have been the case with complete barrel heating. An additional advantage is the time saved: the material is ready for use more quickly and production can start immediately.


In addition, to keep the materials flowable, buffer tanks and adjacent components of the A and B components are fully heated to ensure optimum mixing. The built-in oil temperature control ensures that a constant temperature is maintained.

A refill is supplied for 2 components, the third component is refilled by hand.

The metering range is 0.4 – 2 l/min with a very low mixing ratio deviation of less than 1%.

All mechanical components are perfectly adapted to the material, as well as the control system to the needs of New Era Materials. The melting unit was completely developed and manufactured by TARTLER.

We would like to thank New Era Materials for the trust and the always constructive, efficient cooperation and look forward to future projects.

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