Closing the gap in the innovative and successful MDM range

TARTLER presents a new table top device for small-quantity dosing of synthetic resins

kompakte Dosieranlage als TischgerätWith the re-engineering of its successful mixing and dosing system MDM 4, plant manufacturer TARTLER is closing a gap in its range of cost-efficient table top machines for the processing of small quantities of liquid and low-viscosity two-component synthetic resins. Performance-wise, the new device improves on the manual 2K cartridge mixer LC-DCM and serves as an entry into the MDM series, whose compact machines are designed for use in prototyping, electro casting, adhesive application, resin injection moulding and laboratory technology.

Michelstadt, Oktober 2018. – The newly launchedmixing and dosing system MDM 4 is the latest version of the technologically successful model of the same name from the earlier years of TARTLER’s corporate history. The plant manufacturer has subjected this table device to a thorough re-engineering and newly positioned in its series of compact systems for the efficient and precise processing of small quantities of liquid and low-viscosity two-component synthetic resins. With the new MDM 4, TARTLER offers users who work with processing quantities on the cartridge scale an innovative entry-level innovative and cost-efficient solution in mechanical and largely automated synthetic resin processing. Typical areas of application for the table device are, for example, the production of pilot series and prototypes as well as applications in electro grouting, glue application or RIM (resin injection moulding). The compact systems in the MDM series can be found in many development and test laboratories.

Individually configurable

TARTLER’s engineering has designed the new MDM 4 in such a manner that output levels of 0.05 to 1.5 l/min can be individually configured through the combination of pumps. The selection criteria here, besides the specific application case, are primarily the viscosities and mixing ratios of the components to be processed. Mixing ratios from 100:10 to 10:100 are possible. The output is controlled by a potentiometer. The mixing head is a slim LC 0/2 from the TARTLER range with a rotating disposable plastic mixer that turns by means of a flexible shaft. The centrepiece which is the drive technology of the new MDM 4 is a frequency-controlled electro motor. When selecting the containers for the A and B components, TARTLER gives the user considerable flexibility: the table top device can be fitted with containers of 0.2 to 100 litres. At the customer’s wish, TARTLER can also equip the compact unit with an additional heating system for the materials to be processed. The new MDM 4 can be put into operation in just a few steps. The compact mixing and dosing system is connected to 230 V and only takes up minimal floor space. A compressed air supply is not required in the standard version. The scope of delivery includes hoses 1.0 metre in length.

The manual alternative

The new MDM 4 ranks among the smaller models in the MDM series, which is enough with regards to output levels up to an upper limit of 3.5 l/min (at a mixing ratio of 100:100). The lower end of this series is rounded off by the manual cartridge mixer LC-DCM that TARTLER recently launched with a cartridge-specific adaptor for the dynamic processing of 2K plastics with almost all common market dispensers. It is an exciting solution for all those small-quantity users who apply cast resins and adhesives for repairs, reworks or surface optimisation with pneumatic cartridge pistols. That is because the LC-DCM allows you to profit from the quality advantages of the dynamic 2K synthetic resin mixing technology in automated series production for manual application.

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