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TARTLER will be presenting its latest innovations for plastic processing at Bondexpo and Fakuma

Equipment manufacturer TARTLER will be presenting multiple new system solutions for the efficient processing of 1K and 2K Thermosetting polymers at the Bondexpo (Stuttgart) and Fakuma (Friedrichshafen) trade fairs. All eyes will be on the innovative vacuum station TAVA 200 F for drum filling without air pockets and the new cartridge mixer attachment LC-DCM with a universal connection adaptor for many currently common cartridges.

Michelstadt,  September 2018. – Anyone knowing TARTLER knows: Here, everything is about efficiently and precisely filling, mixing, dosing and applying thermosetting polymers from the groups of epoxy resins, polyurethanes and silicones. Tartler the globally operating equipment manufacturer will be showcasing the fact that it thinks in both fully automated and manual dimensions at the upcoming trade fairs Bondexpo (Hall 6, Booth 512) and Fakuma (Hall FW, Booth 70). At both events, TARTLER will be exhibiting its vacuum station TAVA 200 F for the drum filling of high-viscosity and pasty masses without air pockets, along with the universal cartridge mixer attachment LC-DCM for the dynamic mixing of 2K plastics with almost all common cartridge types and dispensers. Both are new TARTLER products.

Mit der TAVA 200 F unter Vakuum abfüllen

Drum filling without air pockets

To illustrate the practical application of the semi-automatic TAVA 200 F, the company will be presenting the new vacuum filling station in combination with its 1K system Nodopox 200 V, which serves the flow-regulated dosing and mixing of epoxies and polyurethanes. In adhesive and sealant production, these often highly-viscous pastes are packaged in clamping ring lidded drums, which are then fully configured in the technology of mixing, dosing and application systems at the processor. The issue is, if air pockets have formed in the material during the filling at the manufacturer, this “disturbance air” flows into the dosing pump during the unloading and dosing process. This can impair the mixing and metering process to such an extent that it is necessary to abort and “rinse” the complete system with material until all the disturbance air is eliminated. This not only means material losses, it often also results in components needing to be replaced or reworked.

Fassentnahme mit Fassheber bei der TAVA 200 F

The vacuum filling station TAVA 200 F exhibited at Bondexpo and Fakuma eliminates the issue of disturbance air during the drum filling stage by the material manufacturer. It is designed for 200-litre lidded drums, can be used for a wide range of pasty and high-viscosity fluids and can also be adapted to other container sizes. It consists of four main components; a clamping system to stabilise the empty drum, a special combination attachment for the synchronised vacuum generation and filling, a vacuum pump, and the control system (touchscreen). All this is installed on a base with a drum centring plate accessible from all sides. The “loading” of the station and the alignment and clamping of the drum on the centring plate are carried out manually, while the application of the vacuum on the drum and the almost simultaneous filling are fully automated. A drum is filled in just a few minutes – free of disturbance air and ready to transport. TARTLER’s TAVA 200 F enables material manufacturers to guarantee their customers they will receive full drums without air pockets, which ensures highest process safety and quality. Another benefit: Without disturbance air contamination, storage stability is also improved.

In Stuttgart and Friedrichshafen, producers, fillers and packagers will also discover that the TAVA 200 F’s design makes it possible to further optimise the material discharge surface after the application of the vacuum with various material feed patterns (perforated sheets, wide beam inlets among others). Disturbance air from dosing or production is immediately removed when the material starts being transported into the evacuated drum. Manufacturers who need to fill large quantities of lidded drums should take a look at the vacuum station with a motorised roundabout as a fully automated comprehensive solution, which allows four drums to be filled and sealed at a time in a concentric manner.

Dispenser-Aufsatz für die dynamische Vermischung von Kartuschen

Manual but dynamic

TARTLER’s second innovation at Bondexpo and Fakuma addresses a completely different user group amongst thermosetting polymer processing. And that is because all the small-quantity users who apply cast resins and adhesives for repairs, reworks, or surface optimisation with pneumatic cartridge pistols stand to profit from the new cartridge mixer attachment LC-DCM with its universal connection for many common market dispensers. The key aspect here: The LC-DCM now enables them to make use of the quality benefits of the dynamic 2K synthetic resin mixing technology from automated series production for manual application. TARTLER’s new attachment is a very slim[nbsp]construction. It forms a functional unit with the dispenser, which can be guided precisely and is easy to use with the attachment.

austauschbare Verbindung zwischen Kartusche und Kartuschenmischer

With its universal adaptors fitting many currently common cartridge systems, the LC-DCM lends itself to a wide range of applications. It is suitable for example for the popular double cartridge dispensers from Sulzer (Mixpac), Nordson (Side x Side), and many other manufacturers. The die cast manufacturing of TARTLER can furthermore provide additional plastic adaptors for other cartridges at any time. This means that there are no limitations anymore when it comes to selecting dispensers, cartridges and materials.

Up until now, many small-quantity processors have had to accept significant quality drawbacks when mixing resins and hardeners with multiple-component and double-cartridge pistols because the static mixers recommended by manufacturers did not ensure an optimal mixture and the discharge volume was significantly reduced when using longer mixers. The new cartridge mixer attachment from TARTLER renders these problems a thing of the past. Besides the major improvement in mixing quality, the LC-DCM enables a volume discharge up to 80% higher than when using one of the static mixers recommended by the cartridge or material manufacturer [nbsp]at the same configuration and pressure. It can also even be used for extreme mixing ratios and materials with high divergences in viscosity. TARTLER’s new dispenser attachment thus offers enormous benefits for all who use small-quantity processes needing to use the same materials as in flow regulated metre mix applications as in series production and that also need to be applied with the optimal mixing quality.

Wide range of innovations

With the devices and systems on display at Bondexpo and Fakuma alone, TARTLER ensures better material quality and a higher level of process safety in many segments of the single and multiple-component processing of thermosetting polymers. The vacuum station TAVA 200 F for drum filling without introducing air pockets and the new cartridge mixer attachment LC-DCM with its universal connection adaptor. These products are representative of many more innovative details and system solutions used in the broad and diverse portfolio from the specialist for filling, mixing, dosing and application technology.

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