Optimum use of liquid and pasty media

With the degassing station TAVA F, the TARTLER GROUP is offering a ground-breaking solution for the material-optimised and cost-reduced handling of liquid and pasty media through its subsidiary SOMATA.

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Saying goodbye to manual clay handling

A fundamental paradigm shift is currently taking place in design model making: Where craftsmanship and one’s keen sense of proportion previously set the tone for more than a hundred years, largely automated systems will soon be taking over the conditioning and processing of clay (plasticine). The TARTLER GROUP is now proving to be the technological leader in this field, as, after two years of development, it presents one of the first system solutions for the machine dosing and application of clay: The Clay Application Machine CAMA 01, which enables automotive and industrial designers to gain entry to the semi or fully automated clay styling process. The system is supplied by the subsidiary SOMATA.

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With vacuum to the optimum

On the basis of vacuum technology, the plant manufacturer TARTLER now offers several system solutions for degassing high and low-viscosity materials. Primarily developed for filling or conveying processes in plastics technology, they are sometimes also suitable for other applications where the air-free processing of pasty or low-viscosity fluids is of central importance.

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