Dosing and mixing without air and moisture

Whether it’s vacuum infusion, RTM, wet moulding or pultrusion – many plastics processors face the same dilemma when it comes to dosing and mixing resins and hardeners: air and moisture in the supplied material have a detrimental effect on the quality of the mixture, on the moulding process and ultimately on the end product.

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A bull’s eye with every drop

With its new LV 2/2 dosing mixing head, plant manufacturer TARTLER offers yet another innovation for the high-precision and repeatable small-quantity application of multi-component resins.

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The third option for pasty resins

Quickly and safely changing component drums ranks among the key process steps when processing high-viscosity polyurethane and epoxy resins and silicones. The possibility and risk of air getting into the system or the process during the drum change is a tricky issue.

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New application video of the MDM series online

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In this video we show the manual electro grouting with a MDM 5.

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Unified line for minimal-quantity users

All users who work with small quantities of liquid two-component synthetic resins need to take a look at plant manufacturer TARTLER’s current portfolio.

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