Melt up what is needed – New Era Materials receives a 3K dosing system with newly developed hotmelt module

Mission completed! From now on TARTLER dosing machines are available with the innovative hotmelt module, which liquefies just as much material as needed and processed. This means a tremendous saving in time, material and cost for all operators. 

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Dosing and mixing without air and moisture

Whether it’s vacuum infusion, RTM, wet moulding or pultrusion – many plastics processors face the same dilemma when it comes to dosing and mixing resins and hardeners: air and moisture in the supplied material have a detrimental effect on the quality of the mixture, on the moulding process and ultimately on the end product.

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Material producer Hexion tests new Adhesive Resin

What effects does a newly developed epoxy resin have on machine processing parameters such as pressure, temperature and output?
Will the new material in the machine be processed perfectly?

With these questions in mind the material manufacturer Hexion visited us in Michelstadt and together we tested the new adhesive resin.

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A bull’s eye with every drop

With its new LV 2/2 dosing mixing head, plant manufacturer TARTLER offers yet another innovation for the high-precision and repeatable small-quantity application of multi-component resins.

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The third option for pasty resins

Quickly and safely changing component drums ranks among the key process steps when processing high-viscosity polyurethane and epoxy resins and silicones. The possibility and risk of air getting into the system or the process during the drum change is a tricky issue.

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