Additional Parts

Drum heaters

These drum heaters are perfect for drums where you want to keep the content at a consistent temperature, a certain viscosity or keeping the content from freezing. They are also useful for protection from UV radiation. The drum heaters are equipped with easy to use digital controllers with various heating ranges from 0°C to 200°C (32°F up to 392ºF) or fixed bi-metal thermostats, which makes the drum heaters ideal for almost any purpose.

The drum heaters are designed in a durable and long lasting high quality lightweight design and the construction together with quick release webbing straps
makes the drum heater easy to attach to any standard size drum.

Application nozzle for Paste – rotating

Application nozzle for paste with a better flowability and rotating hose connection for 18 and 24 mm
Application nozzle for Paste

Application nozzle for paste with a better flowability hose; connection for 18 and 24 mm
Flat nozzle – variable

Flat nozzle with different widths and definable outlet for the application of liquid resins.
Outlet for free design or if larger quantity is needed customized design by us.
To mount on one way nozles with outside diameter 17 mm.
Flat nozzle

Flat nozzles available in 40 mm, 60 mm and 80 mm width for equal thin application of liquid resins, to mount on one way nozzles with outside diameter 17 mm

CNC Application nozzle for paste

Für teil- oder vollautomatisierte Verarbeitung von pastösen Kunststoffen

Flowstop for easy mould connection

Self sealing mould adapter for 13 mm mixer; pneumatic and electronic connection not
necessary; no maintenance / support necessary; easy mounting
1.) Insert the Flowstop into the mould 2.) Filling of the mould 3.) Demoulding 4.) Cutting off the Flowstop


Hose Clamp

Hose clamps for the safety connection between mixer and hose

The safe fixture for application tubes on the mixer outlet, especially for our 22nd and 35th mixer nozzles.

Centrifugal disc

Centrifugal disc with different diameters for centrifugal output of material i. e. in pipes, devices, tunnels