History of Tartler GmbH

Jahr Advancement of all arrangements and new development of innovative machine parts / accessories
1981/1982 Foundation of the engineer office Edgar Tartler in Haingrund; commercial purpose: Consultation, distribution and service of metering and mixing machines of different manufacturers.
1984 Building of a production hall in Haingrund
1995 First extension of the production hall in Haingrund
1990-1995 Landmark in the mixing technology: Invention of the „rotary statics mixer“ – dynamic mixture without washing-up liquid with own mixer and since 1995 manufacturing of small metering and mixing machines for prototyping and tooling as well as the first big paste machine for tooling in own direction.
1998 Second extension of the production hall in Haingrund
1996-2000 Landmark: With the first boom, patents referring coating of renewable raw materials (jute mats). These are coated with an expanding matrix in the catapult procedure. Production of roof sky, door inside disguising for car components.
2000 Reorganisation of the company to a GmbH
2002/2003 Hall for production purposes acquired in Michelstadt, for us as “Tartler GmbH” head – production location. Hall in Haingrund as a „college of technology for presentation and attempts“ as well as production of the small machines.
2004 All machines for polyurethanes, epoxy resins and silicones are made by ourself and are controlleed with own software.
2005 Entrance in the production of big machines for the wind industry.
2008 Enlargement of the production plant Michelstadt with a new hall with approx. 500 m² of surface.
2012 Enlargement of the production plant Michelstadt on new area – a new modern administrative building with a surface of approx. 1000 m² and a modern production hall with a surface of approx. 1700 m². Main location of headquarter of Tartler GmbH.
2013 Move-in to the main location of Tartler GmbH.
2015 January, Integration of ETP Walther GmbH as subsidiary of the Tartler GmbH; control cabinets for metering and mixing machines and also for external customers; Department: Machining – for quick and individual and also optimized quality production of all milling parts.
2015 October, Foundation of ZT Odenwald GmbH – Zerspanungstechnik Odenwald as subsidiary of the Tartler GmbH; production high-grade milling parts.
2016 Oktober, Revision of existing mixheads (Optimisation of weight and operation)
2016 Purchase of a new area of 5735 m² bordering to the existing area for a future extension of the company